Settling In

When your child enrols with us, we will contact you to arrange two free of charge ‘settling in’ sessions.  The first session you will stay with your child.  This will give them the opportunity to feel safe and secure in their new environment with you by their side and give you the chance to get to know your little one’s key person, and the rest of our staff.  We understand this is a big adjustment for you as well as your child!  Your key person will spend quality time with you and your child during these sessions.  They will go through your child’s learning journey with you and make sure that we have as much information about their homelife, daily routine, family members, special comforters etc. as possible so that they can really get to know them and help them settle into their nursery routine.  It will also inform your key person of the activities to plan for your child, which they know will engage them and make them happy.


For their second settle session we will ask you to leave your child in our care as soon as they are ready for you to leave.


We can offer flexibility with extra settle sessions, if you, or your child’s key person feels they would be beneficial.  Our staff have a wealth of experience with settling children into nursery, so if you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to ask.