Our Butterfly Classroom has been designed to meet the meet needs of children from 3 months to 3 years. We consistently offer three specific spaces for the children to enjoy which support Understanding the World, Literacy and Mathematics. We then add to these areas throughout each day to include additional activities which follow the children’s own interests. This ensures that the children are engaged in their learning and boosts their confidence and self-esteem.

For babies, we have created a wonderful black and white area. This is proven to stimulate the development of optic nerves and encourage young babies’ cognitive development without overstimulating them.

For those children who still nap during the day we have a designated sleep area in our room, which we can separate from the rest of the classroom with a curtain.  Younger children will sleep in cots and older children will have sleep matts.

We strive to create a home-from-home experience for your child so that their transition to nursery is as smooth as possible. When you bring your child in for their first settle session, we will create their learning journey together to make sure we have all the necessary information about their daily routine at home, which we will then replicate as much as possible when they are at nursery.

Our staff will log all your child’s naps and meals, as well as post photographs of their day on our Famly App, so that you always feel connected to their experience.  You are also able to contact your child’s key person directly via the App should you have any questions.