Meals & Menus

If your child will be with us over lunchtime, we can offer them a healthy, nutritious and balanced cooked meal for a small charge.  Meals are freshly prepared and cooked each day by either Kazz or Charmayne, our nursery cooks.  We will encourage your child to develop good eating habits and table manners as they eat alongside their peers.  Where possible we use vegetables which the children have harvested from the vegetable patch at the nursery to enable them to understand where the food has come from. The process of planting the seed, watering and feeding, watching the seed grow and eventually picking the vegetables to have for our lunch is an important process.

If you would prefer, we also give the option of your child bringing their own packed lunch.

To foster a healthy interest in food, we provide lots of opportunities for the children to get involved in cooking themselves.  Baking and making food related to religious festivals is planned for, however spontaneous opportunities for cooking regularly take place.  Children in the Grasshopper (preschool) classroom have a snack bar for morning snack, offering them the opportunity to make a healthy choice of what they would like to eat.  Additionally, the children who are able, dish out their own food at lunchtime to increase independence and to allow the child to portion out what he/she would like to eat (with supervision!).

Our cooks can cater to any of your child’s dietary requirements.  Babies are automatically catered for with recipes that contain less salt and sugar and age appropriate introduction to meat.  Please feel free to ask any questions about the food we serve at nursery when you visit and make sure you include any details of special dietary requirements on your child’s enrolment form, then you can leave the rest to us!